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    Many brands of pets' nutritional products available in the market of pet products/food are simply relabeled or reformulated supplements from human products, without any serious studies of efficacy or safety in animals. In comparison, we have spent over 10 years and invested costs and research expertise in the extensive studies and laboratory experiments in order to develop and test the original eye care (retinal protection) supplements for pet animals. These are the most professional, evidence-based, best, and safest eye-care supplements for pets in the market.

Natural Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants are the best and safest choice of eye care nutrition for pets

    In the screen of effects of retinal protection and suppression of oxidative stress in animal eyes from more than 150 nutritional ingredients by a number of scientific experiments and eye disease models, it proved that some ingredients effectively delay or prevent retinal degeneration, strengthen anti-oxidation, and suppress oxidative stress in the eyes of treated animals. Those ingredients were selected to include into the contents of the eye-care supplements “Ultra-Vision Health®.

In additional to obvious efficacy of retinal protection and anti-oxidation for the animal eyes, provided by the eye-care ingredients, analyzed by experiments, it also shows very exciting and encouraging responses from treated animals with eye illness clinically. These eye-care supplements are the most professional eye-care products for pets and have gained very good reputation in the market and clients.

The eye-care supplements are very safe without any harm to liver, kidney or other body organs in animals even though taking more than 10 times of suggested intake dosage. 




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