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In accordance with the international standards of ISO & C-GMP

   GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is to certify the excellent enterprises whose food and pharmaceutical productions and operations have met the national code of regulation, supervision and inspection.  To safeguard the quality of pharmaceutical products, in recent years the international standard has risen to that of the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

   Adopting the most advanced equipment and instruments from Europe, the US and Japan, and keeping the environmental impact to the lowest, the pharmaceutical firms chosen to manufacture Ultra-Vision's series products all meet the international standard of ISO and C-GMP. 

Professional Design and Stringent Quality Control

   Ultra-Vision is uncompromising in developing professional health products and selecting ingredients with the most excellent functions of eye-care and anti-oxidation with the most consistent performance for animals. The tablet dosage, shape, size and flavor are particularly designed to best suit animal's needs.

   Special considerations were made to maintain freshness and efficacy of the supplements during blend and storage based on different properties of raw materials. Besides, every detail during manufacture has been seriously looked at and addressed, such as dosing, mixing, coating, low temperature baking, and packaging etc. 

   Ultra-Vision's product design and manufacture follow very high standards and strict guideline, undergoing not only the effectiveness tests but also the pharmaceutical related stability tests, to guarantee the quality of stability, effectiveness and safety.

   Our products are free of all tested items of bacteria, molds/fungi/yeasts, and heavy metals. Certified by SGS.



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